A quick engagement shoot with Kerrie and Jeff.

It was a hot day in High Park, but we faired well just walking around and taking photos wherever we found picturesque (and generally in the shade).

It was one busy day at the park (taking 30 minutes to find a parking spot), but we were able to find a few quiet locations that weren’t overly crowded. It helps when you aren’t afraid to hop a few fences!

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  1. Paul Rowland reply

    Awesome set Ryan – love that last image. Those trees are gnarly and remind me of live oaks in the south – makes for a good spot for an engagement.

  2. Ashley Gillett reply

    The second to last one, on the rocks is super pretty. Great job!

  3. Albert Palmer reply

    Sweet couple – I particularly like that last image – great bit of composition.

  4. Tyler reply

    last image takes it. great set, man!

  5. Steve Koo reply

    Love the black and white one! Nice work!

  6. Laurie Peacock reply

    Love the black and white photos. Looks peaceful.

  7. Jim Murphy reply

    Nice work. Really digging that first photo of them sitting on the grass. Great stuff.

  8. Natalie reply

    Such a cute engagement session! Love!

  9. Stephen Rotondo reply

    Beautiful set of images – the first shot of them on the grass with the flowers spreading out in front of them works great, and the last shot is really well put together – great work, looks like a fun day out in the park!

  10. Graeme Crawford reply

    Fence-hopping well worth it, such beautiful locations. Great shots of a lovely couple you’ve really captured their happiness very nicely indeed.

  11. Ruth Goalby reply

    They really look in love, fab set!

  12. Katie Beach reply

    I really like that last shot – something very simple and quiet that I really like. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. Ryan reply

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments.

  14. Wes Jermaine reply

    Very cool Brenizer Method pano under the red tree. I Love it!

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