There were literally 50 photos I was going to blog for Andrea & Marc’s engagement session that I didn’t know which ones to cull. I also didn’t want to overload and dilute the post as I thought each and every single one of them was worthy of standing on their own. In the end, I thought this would be the best approach – break out the photos of Betsy (Marc’s vintage motorcycle) and create a whole separate feature for her!

Marc is very much in love with her and for a few moments it felt like an Toronto engagement shoot with just Betsy and Marc.

Marc: I hope you like the special feature 🙂

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  1. Mary Sylvia reply

    No way. This is too cool.

  2. Kate Pennington reply

    this is one of the websites that made me realize i wanted to get married in the fall. i settled for a fall #engagement session too!

  3. Zee reply

    Amazing pictures…this barn like structure in the background…i’ve seen it in other photoshoots as well…where is this place?

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