I originally had a lot to say about our fun time with Amy and Adam last week during our engagement session. Amy and I even talked about it in the car on the way back home – how she was worried about all the embarssing stories I would include along with this post. We got lost getting to the vineyard, got chased away by a dog, coudn’t find a place to pee, ate some grapes, almost lost a tripod, and ate WAY too much icecream.

After reviewing this engagment session, I don’t want to fill it up with words, I just want to showcase our really awesome day at Cave Spring Vineyard, Cave Spring Cellars, and Inn-on-the-Twenty in Jordan, Ontario.

You’ll see all these places again in October when Amy and Adam get married!

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  1. Amy reply

    Incredible pictures Ryan! Thanks for capturing such an amazing day.

  2. Robin Archer reply

    Jeez, if you love each other so much, why don’t you MARRY each other?

  3. Ryan Chan reply

    I LOVE these photos, but then again….i’m a bit biased.

  4. Jen Sibr reply

    I agree with Robin 🙂

  5. Lindsay Gibson reply

    Aww so cute! I can’t wait for the big day!

  6. Wassim Melhem reply

    I love thes pictures, and none of them made me feel uncomfortable 😉

  7. Melissa Loucks reply

    These look fantastic!!!

  8. Hilary Mercer reply

    Whoa! I am loving the wet feet prints on the dock!

  9. Brian Davis reply

    Gorgeous shots. I really like the casual feel of this shoot. You captured their personalities perfectly.

  10. Kat Braman reply

    absolutely lovely. I love the one of their hands sitting on the dock.

  11. Jessica Horton reply

    such a sweet session! I’ll be shooting in an orchard this weekend…. can’t wait now!!!

  12. Heather reply

    I love love love the shots in front of the barn!

  13. Tricia reply

    Super sweet! love the ones on the dock, but the whole set is adorable

  14. Emily Porter reply

    I love the first shot of the set where they’re in front of the barn, but that first shot of them on the dock/walkway/thing….. that’s just divine. GREAT shot and lovely set!

  15. Julianne Markow reply

    So many beautiful photos, love the one with their feet in the water… and the one of them on the stairs!

  16. Daniel reply

    Ryan, this session rocks! I love every bit of it. The couple looks like they were so comfortable and fun. Well done!

  17. Kellee Walsh reply

    Beautiful Ryan, love the ones on the dock!

  18. Becca Dilley reply

    Beautiful set of images – so much variation in here, too! Perfect for an engagement session.

  19. Paul Rowland reply

    Dude! This set rocks. LOVE this one: http://ryanchan.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-021.jpg

  20. Arthur Yeung reply

    What a unique blog! I admire how comprehensive each of the entries are. They are well balanced – entertaining and cognitive – and the pictures are great too.

  21. Brianna Phelan reply

    Love the shots of their footprints on the dock.

  22. Lem reply

    Love the wet footprints on the dock.

  23. Alex reply

    Very natural! 🙂

  24. Shannon reply

    Great pictures 🙂

  25. Amber Wilkie reply

    Dude, that wet foot diptych is *awesome*! If I were them, I’d have a pair of huge canvases on my wall with those.

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