Every year, I make a point to try to shoot weddings in different cities if I can, it’s a great excuse to travel and meet new people. When my good friend and fellow Wedding photographer in Ottawa, Christian Lee reached-out to see if I would be willing to head-up to Ottawa to photograph a really large Hindu wedding with him as a 2nd photographer, I didn’t hesitate to sign-up.

As is typical with Hindu Wedding celebrations, the wedding day for us was very long (7am – 1am), but it was an absolute blast, and, strangely enough, flew by.

Congratulations Swati & Akhil!

Make sure you check out Christian’s perspective here.

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  1. Bartlett Pair reply

    Love these! The reception shots make me feel like I was there!

  2. Jane reply

    Great shots! Looks like it was a really great wedding!

  3. Jason reply


  4. Matt - Brisbane Photographer reply

    Love the tones on these pics – awesome stuff!

  5. Christian reply

    Ryan – gorgeous images, and really well worded summary of the day. I absolutely love the obstructed view photo of Swati during the ceremony, and killer candids all day. Amazing work – can’t wait to partner-up again! Too much fun!

  6. Areesh reply

    What a Gracefull Photoshot i ever seen in my life. Thanks Please Share some christian wedding Photoshot.


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