Elaine and Bronson didn’t waste any time to get their engagement photos taken. A day and a half after Bronson popped the question we set out to capture their happiness and excitement of being engaged. We started our shoot on the corner of Queen Street and Peter Street – the exact location where they met – then made our way towards Harbourfront Centre, stopping whenever we saw something interesting or somewhere memorable to them. We finished off their engagement shoot at Yonge and Dundas Square to take some photos by the bright lights at night.

Here are a few of my favourites:

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  1. Sully reply

    What do I think about this really fantastic post? I’ll tell you what I think. Jealousy, envy, awe…. the usual

  2. sandy reply

    I like the contrasty style – love the shot in the fountains

  3. Edric reply

    Very nice session, particularly the night city shots. Really enjoyed the one in the city where everyone is in movement except them and the last shot is very elegant.

  4. small reply

    What a great session. I love when the location is meaningful to the couple. AND I love the photo of them kissing on the busy street, so sweet!

  5. Lyn Ismael-Bennett reply

    Love the reflection on the puddle shot 🙂

  6. Albert Palmer reply

    That last shot is incredible – kudos!

  7. gabe aceves reply

    well done ryan, these look great.

  8. Ross Harvey reply

    Amazing last shot! Love the motion blur one too. And the one in front of the numbered gates 🙂

  9. Holly reply

    Love these! Fantastic work!

  10. Heather J reply

    Gorgeous work Ryan. Absolutely love the colors and tones in those first two shots.

  11. Jen Aldington reply

    Beautiful photos..you both look amazing! Congratulations and can’t wait to see you both!

  12. Frank reply

    One of my most favourite engagement sessions from you, Ryan! I am in love the new processing as well! Are you still using VSCO for Aperture?

  13. Gina McDonald reply

    First and last are definitely my faves from this engagement e-shoot!!!

  14. Matt Stanton reply

    Love the variety you’ve captured and the creativity with the long exposure shot in the city 🙂

  15. Paul Fuller reply

    These look great, really like the shot with the blurred crowd!!

  16. Rachel reply

    You got some serious skills there, Ryan! Wicked frames, especially the one with the CN Tower in the background…oh…and the one with at the intersection where people are blurry! So amazing!

  17. AdonyeJaja reply

    great work Ryan, that reflection shot is great!

  18. Christian reply

    I really really like these. Love the one with the ivy, and especially the ones in Dundas Square. Really cool mix of lighting, textures, colours and motion. Killer.

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