I have known Kerrie for about 10 years, having suffered through Civil Engineering with her at University of Toronto. Being in an intense program like that brought our class together. It was almost impossible to go through 4 years without making a few friends along the way, there’s just too much lecture time and not enough time to get everything done by yourself. Our entire class became very close by 4th year and we met up several times a year to catch up with each other after graduation.

As consulting engineering is a pretty demanding field, we slowly grew apart and didn’t see each other for years after we graduated. When she called me up to ask if I would be her wedding photographer, I was thrilled!

Their ceremony was at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral Annunciation of the Virgin Mary, and wedding reception was at Liberty Grande. We also stopped by University of Toronto for some wedding portraits in and around Kings College Circle.

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  1. Paul Rowland reply

    Gorgeous wedding. Love the ceremony venue. Those images in front of the stone wall are my favorite!

  2. Leah Muse reply

    What a beautiful day! Love the way you captured it.

  3. Steve Koo reply

    That reception looks like a blast! I love how you shot your details.

  4. Heather Kanillopoolos reply

    I adore that shot of the bride and groom sitting in front of the stone wall. Fabulous!

  5. Alyssa Schroeder reply

    Love the wide above shots at the reception of everyone dancing.

  6. Mercedes reply

    I love the energy you show in the photos!

  7. alexbee reply

    looks like one heck of a party!

  8. Leah Kua reply

    What an amazing group portrait of the bridal party. You’ve got some really cool angles here too. Awesome work.

  9. Jared Tseng reply

    The portraits of the bride and groom are stunning!

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