As a Toronto wedding photographer, it’s hard to get time off during the summer months. Vacation usually happens during the slow (and cold freezing) season – which is pretty much December to March. Last year, Mary and I were able to spend 3 weeks in New Zealand at the beginning of December. The good thing about travelling to the southern hemisphere is that during our winter, it’s their summer. Perfect!

While we were there, we visited The Shire (Lord of the Rings) filming location about two weeks after the film crew had wrapped up filming The Hobbit.

According to our guide, we got there at the most opportune time as the damage to some of the grass had grown back and most of the “hobbit holes” were still in mint condition. Due to NDA contracts we needed to sign, we were not allowed to post photos online until The Hobbit move was released. Well, that day is today!

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  1. Paul Krol reply

    Great stuff. I would have loved to visit that place. It looks so enchanting and inviting and its awesome that you have all these shots without a single tourist in them. How did you manage that?

  2. Christian reply

    Very cool – reminds me of Smurf village. I really like the tilt/shift shots…nicely done

  3. Sam reply

    Sweet, love to visit visit one day!

  4. Paul Krol reply

    I love these shots and I love how you have no tourists in any of these images. How did you manage that? Such an enchanting place!

  5. Nanna Minasyan-Krol reply

    Hobbit I want to be!!! What a cool place to live ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. ayesha reply

    toooo awesome!!! beautiful pictures – looks so peaceful ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Shah reply

    these are epic. really nice set of images mate.

  8. Seth O. Rice reply

    Trailfinders has also introduced a new Hobbiton Express Day Tour from Auckland for 2013, which includes a journey through ‘Middle Earth’ and the Hobbiton set, including visits to 44 hobbit holes, the Mill and double arch bridge, the Party Tree and Green Dragon Inn.

  9. Omega reply

    Excellent photos. Really nice and creative. Beautiful.

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