The one thing I never expected when I started as a Toronto wedding photographer was to end up being a part of such a great worldwide network community family. On a daily basis, I chat with people from around the world through email, Facebook, and google hangouts. I’ve met photographers from Vancouver, Nashville, South Africa, Chile, New Zealand and more. I still remember Jasmine from Sutherland Kovach Studio offering up her house for Mary and I to stay in while we were in Auckland, New Zealand.

A few months ago, Sully Clemmer asked me to come second shoot Tatum and Bill’s wedding with him in Hattiesburg, MS. He said it would be a totally different wedding experience than I’m used to here in Toronto. He wasn’t joking – it was definitely one of the most memorable wedding experiences I’ve had this year.

Here’s a few of my favourites:

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  1. Sully reply

    Loved having you around man, great stuff. PS. I look good.

  2. Christian reply

    That shot with the sparklers is spectacular, Ryan! Killer work!

  3. Sam reply

    Nice work Ryan, Sully was lucky to have you or maybe the other way around. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Love the “exit” with the sparklers. Wish that was a tradition for Toronto weddings.

  4. Danny Klimetz reply

    Nicely done! That last shot is priceless!!

  5. Jasmin reply

    Great photos! Amazing wedding.

  6. Stephen K. Shefrin Photography reply

    I love that one of the bride with the tilt shift and spot flash, So f###ing awesome.

  7. Jamie & Natalie reply

    Beautiful images. You captured so many amazing moments!

  8. Leighton Bainbridge reply

    amazing photos, gorgeous venue as well!

  9. Carsten Schertzer reply

    These are so awesome, I especially like the sparklers!

  10. Calin reply

    I love the way you lit the reception room, the way you captured the guests’ expressions and the composition in your photos.

    My favourite shots are the sparklers ones. Great work!

  11. Truly reply

    Great set of photos Ryan! Love the portraits of the bride especially.

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