Yes, love is silent…except in the case of Hedyeh and Ali, who got engaged only a few weeks before they hosted this rockin’ loud engagement party at the Persian Palace! So loud that the bass was pumping and the light effects were in full force before dinner was even served.

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  1. Mark Cole reply

    I like that black and white portrait of them with the sky. It has a silvery tint to it.

  2. Anne Marie Carson reply

    That last shot of the bride and groom is fantastic. The joy in their eyes is awesome!!

  3. Andy Barnhart reply

    Nice dancing shots! Great work!

  4. Heather reply

    Looks like a fun fun party!

  5. Amber Wilkie reply

    Beautiful couple! Nice work showing a lively party.

  6. Sully reply

    Beautiful shots. Beautiful people. Lovin the ring shots and couples formals!

  7. Matthew Mead reply

    What a beautiful couple. Ryan you rocked these!

  8. Albert Palmer reply

    Wow – amazing! Great use of light throughout.

  9. Lyn Ismael-Bennett reply

    Wow, this is one epic engagement party! Awesome job!

  10. Brooke reply

    love the romantic feel and cool vibe. Great job!

  11. Jared Tseng reply

    What a fun wedding! Great set!

  12. Nessa K reply

    What a stunning couple! And that looked like it was such a party. =)

  13. Kyle reply

    I love the great details that you pick up on like the tattoo or the ladies shoes all in a row. It’s the little things that make the day even better!

  14. Daniel reply

    Killer work, Ryan. Love the reception photos. Looks so fun!

  15. Lance Cressman reply

    Simply want to say your photos are astounding. Your work is one in a million!

  16. Mary Chapman reply

    I really love the look on her face during that first dance photo. Great lighting and processing!

  17. Andy reply

    Great work at that venue! I’m having my reception there in a few weeks! It’s good to see how lovely photos will turn out.

  18. Renee Frank reply

    Excellent work, Ryan. LOVE LOVE LOVE the black and white portrait outside.

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