I met Matt and Meaghan through my sister, Janice, who wanted some engagement photos before thier wedding day. They were worried about feeling awkward in front of the camera and having that feeling show in the wedding photos.

Who can blame them? They don’t normally have big black cameras and flashing lights around them in their day to day lives; most people don’t.

That is why I always recommend that my couples and I meet prior to the wedding day. Even if we just chat over a cup of coffee. It allows us to connect and get familiar with each other, so it feels like friends are taking photos of you, not the paparazzi.

As expected, Matt and Meaghan were a little shy when we got started shooting but after the 10th gawker giving Matt the “what are you guys doing?!??” look, they reverted back to their regular energitic selves.

Matt and Meaghan: it’s too bad we met too late. I would have LOVED to shoot your wedding. At least we got to do an engagement shoot, I really hope you like the photos.

Everyone else: Enjoy the photos!

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  1. Victor Cheung reply

    One word: Amazing!

  2. James Woolrich reply

    Photo 12 and 20 are my favourites!!! You captured some great shots, Ryan.

    Congrats Meaghan and Matt on the engagement.

    Ryan, is Photo 12 a Brenizer Pano? It sure looks like it.

  3. Heather Green reply

    Lovely photos Ryan. I agree with James. 12 and 20 are the best!

  4. Apple iPad reply

    Looks good on the iPad!

    Apple store In NYC!

    • Ryan

      That’s a weird post. I must have left one of the iPad’s open to my website when I was playing with it.

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