I love props and I encourage all my couple to bring something during their engagement shoot. Props bring a completely different dimension to the shoot, but more importantly, touching something familiar just makes people feel more relaxed. In the case of Pauline and Phillip, they brought a mandolin. What makes it better is that he knows how to play it!! (Sidebar: I’m totally starstruck at anyone that can play a string instrument)

What better place to have an engagement session than at the Music Garden along the Harbourfront.

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  1. Sam reply

    Sweet set Ryan! I really like the first one, I can see it printed on a big canvas and hanging somewhere in their house.

  2. Christian Lee reply

    These are fantastic, Ryan. I really love the variety, and especially like the one under the big steel dome.

  3. Paul Krol reply

    Great job on these Ryan. Nice looking couple and really good photos of them spending a relaxed day together.

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