I love it when clients come up with ideas of where they want to shoot. Sometimes there’s a meaning behind the location, such as the place where they first met or the high school they spent the first years of their lives as a couple. Other times it’s just a great location.

So when Ming and Stef decided on their location, we were headed to the Music Garden. Great location as it is up against the lake with boats sailing by, walking path through the gardens, and some cool grass stairs to a wireframe dome.

The location was all set up until a few days before the engagement shoot. Stef called and said he wanted to squeeze in The EX for some nighttime photography since it was right by their house.

Thats the one thing I love about engagement shoots in Toronto, so many distinct locations in such a short distance.

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  1. Jenny Lam reply

    very nice ryan ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Lauren reply

    Wow, awesome light in those first few, and who doesn’t love a carnival!! great work ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jashim Jalal reply

    These are some really good images. I definitely see improvements in your compositions. Good job.

  4. tobiah reply

    beautiful photos in beautiful light

  5. kong wai reply

    Really beautiful !! , love your TS shot

    • Ryan

      Thanks for the wonderful comments guys!

      Kong: Not sure which photo you think is a TS shot but it probably isn’t as I don’t have a TS lens and don’t fake it in PS. Kinda cool that I’m getting that effect though!

  6. Razvan reply

    So many awesome locations! The light in the second photo is soo nice.

    • Ryan

      Thanks Razvan! I used barn doors on a SB-900 for that shot. Put it up high on a lightstand to get that effect ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Leah Muse reply

    These are so cute and fun! Love how well they show off the couple’s personality.

  8. Andy Barnhart reply

    I love the shot of the people in motion walking by them at the fair. So unique, nice work!

  9. Sara reply

    Great work with long exposures!

  10. Heather reply

    Aw, I adore that shot of her cracking up as he’s kissing her neck. They are so adorable!! Nice work!

  11. Bridget Francis reply

    This is a really fun set – you can see the connection of the couple so well. Also loving the lines and angles of the buildings etc. Oh and the dog – too cute!

  12. Ryan Brenizer reply

    Nice job! I love how much of her personality is coming out in #10.

  13. Heather reply

    Such a cute session. I love the ferris wheel shot.

  14. Heather Nan reply

    So fun! Fantastic use of lighting, both day and night time.

  15. Vinh reply

    Hey, Love the CNE shots, especially the ferris wheel. I gotta try that next year! Good stuff, dude.

  16. Leon reply

    Love the photos at the fun fair – really nice use of the light there. Good work.

  17. michele bowman reply

    i just love everything about this session!! you must have had TONS of fun doing it. great work with fun light. awesome.

  18. sam hurd reply

    uuuuh…. i want to steal your locations… but that would require a very large truck ๐Ÿ™

    killer job man

  19. lynn michelle reply

    I just adore her laugh! It almost bursts out of the image!

  20. Paul Von Rieter reply

    Awesome stuff dude. I really dig your use of light in the first couple images.

  21. Howard Sink reply

    This is an amazing post. I love all the photos!!!

  22. Paul Rowland reply

    Your use of light and shadow in this post is masterful. Love the long exposure stuff at the fair.

  23. Sado reply

    You can not believe just how much time I just spent on your site. Amazing work, Ryan!

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