One of the benefits of my unlimited package is that anything can happen – even at 1:30am after all the guests had left for the night.

While walking back to the car in the columbus centre toronto parking lot, we passed by this spot which I thought would be perfect to test out my new $1.50 red lightsaber for light painting (or as Chris calls it “fairy dancing”).

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  1. Kyle reply

    So so cool! What is the orange light painted with? The white one could be a flash light or anything really, but the orange is really cool, since it goes with the color of the night time leave.s

    • Ryan

      Kyle: Its a cheap light wand from the dollar store. It looks like those things they use at the airports to direct airplane traffic…just a cheaper version.

  2. Dustin Hall reply

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. That’s cool Ryan!

  3. Cam Paver reply

    Beautiful light painting! I love the use of both orange and white lighting.

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