I met May and Ken through a referral from Bryan and Victoria. She sent me an inquiry for a date I was already booked for, but I really wanted to meet her to give her a few tips on choosing the right photographer.

We sat down in a Starbucks where we could barely scrape together three seats to sit down and talk. I told her what she should to pay attention for when looking for a photographer. There are so many options out there when looking for a photog that it’s one of the hardest things to decide on.

Feeling comfortable is one of the most importation things when looking for a photographer

May really LOVED my style of photography and wanted to work together to create some amazing images – eventhough i was booked for her date. So we set a date.

So the day before our shoot, Ken got an eye infection and so we had to reschedule. Fortunately, the date was the day they were getting their papers signed (ie. getting married). It was small and very personal. They did not want to shove 20 hours of plans into a 14 hour day, so they decided to keep the wedding ceremony small. Which I kind of like as the ceremony was only with very close family and friends.

After their ceremony, we went up to the rooftop to shoot some images on a VERY windy day, then hiked to Centre Island to shoot more during sunset!

What a great day, and I’m so happy for you May and Ken! Have fun during your reception tomorrow!

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  1. Paul Rowland reply

    Last 2 shots are awesome. Love this one too http://ryanchan.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-22.jpg — the dust being kicked up is pretty cool.

  2. Heather reply

    These are SO MUCH FUN! I love the one on the top of the building & the sunset ones!

  3. Dennis Pike reply

    That first image is breathtaking!

  4. Gabby reply

    awesome locations. last shot of skyline is beautiful

  5. Lyn Ismael-Bennett reply

    That first shot rocks! Well done!

  6. Maximiliano Barros reply

    Love the subway pics! These are very nice!!

  7. Luis Godinez reply

    The second to last shot is off the chain. Great session. 🙂

  8. sam hurd reply

    fav! http://ryanchan.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Toronto-Engagement-Photographer-11.jpg

    those natural smiles are what i live for.

  9. Becca Dilley reply

    Whoa, not even sure I know what is going on in the b&w one with all the star bursts, but really excited to see where you go with that!

  10. Fotograf Lublin reply

    Lot of great moments captured. Amazing!

  11. May reply

    Going thru our engagement pix…thank you soooo much Ryan for such great pix!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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