When I started getting into wedding photography 6 years ago, Alison was one of the first people to come up to me and say “Ryan, although I’m not engaged yet…you are going to be my wedding photographer”. Fast forward to last year and that dream came true. Alison’s Toronto wedding started in Agincourt Pentecostal Church for the wedding ceremony and finished with the reception at Spriále Banquet Centre near Don Mills and Eglinton.

Below are a few of my favourites – especially the light painting ones!

Bridal makeup at Fairview Mall


reception dance photos

dancing at wedding reception

light painting at night

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  1. Jeanette reply

    Absolutely gorgeous from beginning to end! The bouquet toss really cracked me up lol

  2. Irene reply


  3. Lianne reply

    Wow! How did you do those last two? I’ve never seen anything like it!

  4. Christian reply

    Great set, Ryan! So much variety – hard to believe all of that excitement was in one day. The light painting is really well done, and I love the dramatic church shots.

  5. David reply

    Nice work Ryan, surely some of your best.

  6. Sam reply

    Awesome set Ryan but I wouldn’t expect anything less.

    I agree with Jeanette, the bouquet toss picture is hilarious, kudos to the “jumper”.

    The dance shots stand to me, a very strong emotional connection in them.

    Well done!

    BTW, I like the new site design!

  7. Jason reply

    Dude – light painting? Holy moly that is awesome. Great work!

  8. Kathryn reply

    Wow, that was so beautiful to look at. You captured this perfectly. I felt like I was there too.

  9. Dewan Demmer reply

    How cool are these images ? Pretty well done.

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