So after a very successful launch to the website interface my site was hacked with what is generally known as a Pharma hack.

It doesn’t affect you visitors visiting my site and you probably did not notice anything strange. However, it did affect my search ranking with certain keywords. Essentially, the purpose of the hack is so when Google searches my site to index the content, it triggers a script which would read an additional string of pharmaceutical links for things like viagra and cialis – which google would associate with spam on my page and make it less credible. From what I’ve read online, it appears that the reason for this hack is done for the purpose of reducing the page ranks for the top 100 sites for a particular keyword. In this case, I’m considered one the top 50 photographers when searching for “Toronto Wedding Photographer” through Google. After the hack, my page ranking is somewhere in the 600s.

Since then I’ve re-installed my database and put up some blockers in hopes that it doesn’t come back. You will see some dead links and missing photos on my website as I try to re-upload all my content to how it used to be pre-hack.

If you’re browsing my website, I apologize for the missing portfolio galleries and photos missing in the blog posts. I hope to have everything up and running again by the weeks end. If you want to see something in particular, please send me an email to

And because no blog post is complete without a photo, here’s one I took this weekend at Owen Sound.

Owen Sound Wedding Farm House

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  1. Kyle reply

    UGH. I’m sorry, that’s such a pain in the ass.

  2. Jaspal reply

    Hi Ryan, what a nightmare! Hope our post helped you get it sorted. It can take absolutely ages to get the old pages cleared up in Google, but it is probably worth submitting the urls through google webmaster tools to encourage google to crawl them again.

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