And & Patrick had two thing in mind when they planned their wedding: Keep it simple and have amazing food.

They had a small ceremony at the Toronto Botanical Gardens located in Edwards Gardens followed by some of the best food I have ever had at Sopra.

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  1. Sara reply

    RYAN! These are beautiful!!

  2. David reply

    Dude! So good!

  3. Frank Hochban reply

    Great shoot Ryan. They will be happy to have such a wonderful day captured so well.

  4. Joel Nicholson reply

    Brilliant stuff Ryan, Brilliant!

  5. Jashim reply

    Beautifully done!

  6. Sir Paul Krol reply

    You have quite a few absolute gems in this post, Ryan. That shot with the little dog under the table and the bride standing off to the right is fantastic. Great timing on that one. Great job, overall!

  7. Ken reply

    Amazing work, Ryan! Really artistic and inspirational photos!

  8. Christian reply

    Holy cow…these are amazing, Ryan! I really really like the entire set. I love the dog peeking-out from under the bed, and the one framed in the concrete square. Fantastic work!

  9. Trish reply

    It looks like they had an amazing day and you did a wonderful job of capturing it!

  10. Stephen Shefrin reply

    Awesome looking wedding. I love your detail shots. Very Excellent

  11. Annemari Ruthven reply

    The bride’s dress is so cute! And love the photo of their little dog hiding underneath the bed šŸ™‚

  12. Jeanette reply

    I love the way you framed this one:

  13. Christie reply

    I am in love with the way you document weddings, Ryan.

  14. taren reply

    These photos are stunning.

  15. Godfrey M. reply

    An absolutely adorable dress. I really like the shot of the hem and shadow.

  16. Matt reply

    Again, amazing photos!

  17. Nathan Young reply

    Love the shots under & through the trees + stunning sparkle in the brides eyes – nice work

  18. Bassem reply

    Thank you so much. All this information that you supplied us with is extremely helpful and will be put to good use. Iā€™m a wedding photographer and this will change the way I take/look at my photographs.

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