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WOW-WEEE!!!! I’m so excited to share this Krystle and Bryan’s engagement session with you. It’s not just because we got so many amazing images but because Krystle has been one of my very very very good friends since high school.

She has been such a huge supporter of my work for many years. When we started talking about where to do her engagement session, I said “I have this idea for an engagement shoot location, but you’ll need a passport” she looked at me and said “we will do whatever your creative juices are feeling. We trust you”. At that point, I started to show her some photos of Watkins Glen, NY state park that gave me inspiration to shoot there.

I’ve always known Krystle to have this lucky streak. Things just always seem to work out for her in the best of ways and this day was no different. The weather forecast called for non-stop rain the entire weekend, However when we set out in the morning it was overcast, halfway through the sun was breaking through, and by the time we got there it was sunny. We had ZERO rain all day until we finally wrapped up and were on our way home.

It was the perfect day – here are a few of my favourites:

national park engagement shoot

krystle gonzalez

bryan marshall

photo by Krystle

watkins glen buffalo

destination engagement photographer

fall engagement mid october

stone bridge with bride and groom

suspension bridge portrait

glen watkins state park in fall

couples kiss behind waterfall

watkins glen cavern

creative engagement photographer

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  1. Christian reply

    Ryan! I think this is my favourite shoot of yours, ever! Amazing location and awesome creativity. That tree is just incredible.

  2. Sam reply

    All so good and what a great location. My two favourite ones are the one with them on the bridge and the one with them under the tree.

  3. Lindsay Taryn reply

    These are ridiculously gorgeous! I’m in love with the shot of them under the pink tree, but really all of them are stunning. Love that you got to do a bit of travel to do this shoot! 🙂

  4. Dean Govier reply

    Love this session. That waterfall shot is a wall hanger! Great work Ryan

  5. Ross Harvey reply

    Stunning location, love the kiss silhouette!

  6. heather nan reply

    Incredible location and wonderful use of it. Beautiful images.

  7. don barrington reply

    luv the ts blur on the trees. great job man.

  8. Luke Hayden reply

    Loving your work Ryan. That last frame!!!

  9. Damien Furey reply

    loooove the shot on the bridge and the waterfall!

  10. naomi reply

    love the red tree images!

  11. Mario Colli reply

    Last frame … WOW

  12. mathias reply

    great use of a rad looking location!

  13. Krystle González reply

    OMG Ry, what a superb job, we just love the photos!!! Thanks to you and Mary for such a fun and memorable day 🙂

    • Ryan Chan

      Thank you, Krystle – I’m loved them too! Thanks for allowing me to drag you around across the country. The drive was very entertaining with Bryan and his movie choices.

  14. Sully reply

    Killin it bro!

  15. Andrea reply

    I was just looking up this place for my engagement shoot and these are incredible! I sent your link to my photographer for inspiration!

  16. Frederique Buffin reply

    So Beautiful and Wonderful pictures!!! I love them 🙂
    Krystle and Bryan is such a lovely couple!!!!! Bravo!!!

  17. Nancy reply


  18. Carsten Schertzer reply

    Love the tilt shift and long lens shots!

  19. Christina Dooley reply

    Love the capture from the bridge. Few pics but all are professionally captured!

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