Jen & Chris got married this past weekend – on the coldest and snowiest winter this year. How snowy you ask?

Winter Wedding at FireRock Golf Course

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  1. Jasmin reply

    Wow! Great couple, hanging in there for such a beautiful photo!

  2. Erica Young reply

    What a beautiful photo! I’m quite surprised to see snow on the ground as well as it actually snowing in the photo! This winter has been really warm.

  3. Kathy Mendoza reply

    That’s a beautiful wedding shawl for a winter wedding. I love the faint view of the barn in the background and the tree branches creeping in from the top left corner of the frame.

  4. Michelle Adams reply

    Congratulations to my little sister and her wonderful husband!!
    It was such a terrific day! You both looked fabulous. Jen you were beautiful!
    Ryan, Wow Wow Wow!!! Can’t wait to see more photos!

  5. Howard Burt reply

    Wicked shot with all the snow blowing around.

  6. Paul Rowland reply

    Yeah – this is awesome.

  7. Frank Hochban reply

    I can’t believe how you come up with these shots. This is awesome. I keep wanting to look in the corners of the photo for the logo of some jewelry store, or other sponsor. Fantastic!

  8. Deb Gorman reply

    Cannot wait to see more photos of the gorgeous couple!! Great job that day Ryan- we were all pretty rowdy;)

  9. stacy squires reply

    it has all the magic of a beautiful romantic shot!!! nice work!!!

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