What is your style??

The straight answer is that it doesn’t matter. If you have a look though my portfolio and blog and you like what you see, then you like my “style”.
My goal at each wedding is to capture the big milestone events throughout the day like the first kiss, the first dance, the wedding portrait of you and your husband. More importantly, I want to capture the smaller easily missed moments that come and go within a few seconds. Moments like your fiancé’s reaction when he first sees you in your wedding dress, or the brief glance you give him as you think “he’s the one”. Those moments are easily missed and I aim to capture those fleeting moments.

What is an engagement session and why do you include it as part of your package?

Engagement sessions have nothing to do with being engaged and everything to do with having fun. The purpose of an engagement session is to get all that awkwardness you feel when in front of a camera out of your system and start having fun. You will be the center of attention at your wedding and a camera taking photos of you throughout the day can be unnerving. Getting the jitters out before your wedding just guarantees you’ll be more comfortable during your wedding.

Can I opt-out of the Engagement Session?

“My fiancé thinks it’s corny and I sort of do too.”
In my experience, most men aren’t too keen on them. The real value of doing them is to ensure that your wedding photos are exactly what you’d like, and that you both feel more comfortable in front of the camera. The photos are just a bonus.
Most of my clients find it less painful than they imagined and are really happy that we did the engagement shoot after they see the results. That’s a big part of why I feel so strongly about it and why I include it as part of my wedding package.

Do you shoot alone?

I bring an assistant along to most weddings as it allows me to concentrate all my time with you and less time fiddling with equipment and lighting.

Do you recommend a second photographer?

I strongly recommend a second photographer for larger weddings or when the schedule requires a photographer to be two places at once. There is also the aspect of being able to capture multiple perspectives of the same moment such as saying your vows and being able to capture both you and your husband’s expressions, and your mom’s reaction during your first kiss.

Do you travel for weddings, engagement sessions or assignments?

I absolutely L-O-V-E to travel! This world is so large and there is so much to see. Photographing couples from around the world is a passion of mine.

What packages do you offer?

There’s only one, and you can read all about it –> here <–

How do I go about commissioning you for my date?

I prefer singing telegrams, but using the contact form is a close second.

After the wedding, how long does it take to receive our photos?

You will get to see photos from your wedding the next day. Yup, I don’t waste any time. I upload an online preview slideshow for you within 24-hrs so that you can share the excitement with everyone while the adrenaline is still rushing.
The remaining wedding collection will be delivered to you in a glass shadowbox within two weeks.

How many images do you deliver?

This is highly dependent on the events of the day, but most weddings receive anywhere between 400-600 photos. Two-day weddings or weddings with multiple photographers will obviously receive more.

Will we get our images on a CD?

Unfortunately not.
But, You’ll get your wedding day collection on 3 USB sticks instead! One for you, one for him, and one for backup in case you lose one.

Do you bring backup gear?

Always. Minimum two camera bodies, multiple lenses, and multiple lights. My camera even has the ability to back up photos instantly to a second memory card inside the body.

Do you have insurance?

I do. I carry a 1 million dollar liability policy. Some venues or shooting locations require insurance to shoot on their property. Let me know if you need proof for your venue.

What do you wear to weddings?

I like to fit in with your guests as much as possible, but not not so much that I look like the one getting married. I usually wear all black, it makes me feel more ninja-like.

Do you eat with guests?

Absolutely! Unless you want to put me with other vendors, it’s completely up to you. The only request is that I am close enough to you and the dance floor that I can jump up when something happens between courses (like speeches and kissing games).

What is an “unplugged wedding”. I hear it is getting popular but I don’t know what it is?

An unplugged wedding is essentially a wedding without cellphones, cameras, iPads, gameboys, and pretty much anything else that requires batteries to run. As technology becomes more accessible and social media is a part of day-to-day life, more people spend time on their phones tweeting and posting on Facebook than enjoying the moment.
You’ve invited your guests to come celebrate with you – not their Facebook friends. Let them put away their phones and put away their cameras and let them enjoy your celebration in real-time with their own two eyes.

Are you registered under any associations?

Currently, I am registered under Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada (CWPC) as well as Wedding & Portrait Photography Association (WPPI).

I am also a registered Nikon Professional Service (NPS) member. NPS is a membership only granted to individuals who meet Nikon’s specific requirements with respect to business operations as well and minimum equipment standards.

I like your logo, who did you commission to make it for you?

Thank you. The logo was designed by the very very talented Graham Smith of imjustcreative

Your website looks really slick, who made it?

It is a Flothemes wordpress theme created by Flosites. It was customized by yours truly.

And your business cards – who made them? They are stunning!

They are double sided letterpress cards designed by me and made by Chavvon from Cotton Paperie

Can I subscribe to your blog?

Yes you can, my RSS feed is http://ryanchan.ca/feed/rss2/